Monday May 2, 2016

Notice to my beloved Yogis and dear friends....

Lord knows, I did my best.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this and announce that BYFH is bankrupt.

I'm a mess while I try to make sense of this sad moment in my life, and I will use the strength of my cherished memories and friendships with all of you to get myself back on my feet.

I truly believed that I could keep the doors open, but I have now exhausted all funds including personal.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for any distress that this may cause you in any way.

I bless our experience together as I hope you will too.

With Love and Light




Keep the fire burning students and contact Joyce and Greg at 416-226-0440 to visit their studio and discuss your yoga package.

"we share the sadness of All of Janice's students over the closing of the magnificent healing space she created. We are happy to welcome any and all of you to join us to continue your yoga journey. And we hope to have Janice joining us on the podium bringing her beauty and grace to our students."